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learn to play pool, how to play Billiards


***** Newest Video Released Jan 15. 2018 *****

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"Three Days with Little Joe"

With Joe Villalpando and Bill Hughes

Released  Jan 2018



"A Lesson with John Brumback"

with John Brumback and Jim Griffith

Released 2013



"The Secret Art Of Pool"

By Lee Brett

Released March 2012


"Bank Pool- Secrets of a world Champion"

by John Brumback

Released Dec. 2011

"The Legends Instructional DVD Series"

by Nick Varner and Buddy Hall

Released Oct. 2011

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Do you want to LEARN TO PLAY POOL?


Can't quite figure out HOW TO PLAY POOL! is the home of the Otto-Zone Trainer

The exciting, new, easy to use trainer for learning to aim

when playing the game of pool or pocket billiards.  


This is the first billiards trainer to be awarded the American Cue Sports

 "Product Seal of Approval".


 The Otto Zone Trainer with the instructional Pool 101 DVD will teach you to play pool,

or improve the way you currently play pool or billiards.


Learn to play the games of pool and billiards,

and you learn the games of a lifetime!!!

Children from age 2 to adults age 102 can learn to play pool!


The Otto-Zone Trainer is used to learn the correct aiming system for all shots.

 You will easily and quickly learn all the shots from straight in to cut shots of all angles.

One of the many benefits of this pool trainer is that once positioned on the pool table

you can practice all cut angles both left and right into either

the corner or the side pockets, all from one setup.


No other billiard trainer on the market is this simple to use!!!


You will also learn how to make

 bank shots, cross over bank shots, combination shots, kiss shots and carom shots.


The  110 minute Pool 101 DVD  contains clear instructions  on the basics of  pool

 including grip, bridges, stroke, stance and alignment

 as  well as positioning and use of the Otto Zone Trainer.

The information on this DVD is the most accurate and widely taught information available

for learning to play pool!!!

That is why the top pool instructors in the country are giving Pool 101 good reviews!!

(see the Testimonials Page)


Without a solid foundation and proper practice your game will never progress!!!


The pool 101 DVD also uses the billiards aiming trainer to teach the tangent line

 which is the bases for all  position play.

Advanced video teachings deal with stun shot , draw shot and follow shot.


Whether you are a beginning pool player,  a seasoned player, or even a billiards instructor

you will find the Otto-Zone Trainer

a valuable pool or billiards learning tool.


Most pro players started with the systems taught on this DVD!!!


The DVD is divided into 42  lessons.


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*****  Pool 202 Principles of Pool  *****

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This video is full of great information to take your game to the next level, and beyond.

The DVD is divided into 29 sections and run time is 2 hours and 7 minutes.

The highlights are covered in the 15 minute preview video on our video page.

The pool 202 video is for those players who have mastered the fundamentals taught in the
first video
Pool 101 An Introduction to Pool, and is a great addition to first video.

See our products page for more details.

Pool 202 Principles of Pool can be ordered separately,
or combined with the
Pool 101 package at a discounted price.


******** I am very proud to announce the release of  ********

"The Legends Instructional DVD Series"


click picture to enlarge

featuring not one, but two

Hall of Fame and World Champion pool players. 




Nick (The Kentucky Colonel) Varner and Buddy (The Rifleman) Hall


Each of  these 4 exciting instructional DVDs offers professional insight into

one of four different pool disciplines, directly from the Pros to you.


Nick Varner and Buddy Hall walk you through the shot selection,

thought processes, and shot techniques of the professional pool player.


They cover the entire game from the break to last ball

 and everything in between.


Each DVD is over 2 hours in length.

They have included specialty shots, "Tricks of the Trade"

and safety play.


The games covered include:

8 Ball, 9 Ball, One Pocket, and 14.1 Straight Pool

Nick runs 105 balls in the 14.1 Straight pool DVD

and guides you through every shot.


The complete DVD menu is available on word by Clicking Here




******* Dec. 2011 ******* 

"Bank Pool"

 "Secrets of a world Champion"

by John Brumback

John is a world champion bank pool player, he is probably the
best bank pool player alive today.
 He shares his knowledge in a straight forward, no nonsense style.

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Get this DVD and you will
improve your bank skills!
This DVD is being called the best DVD available.
Even the pro players are buying this DVD!!!


March 2012

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Lee Brett's
"The Secret Art Of Pool"

Lee Brett came from England
to share his knowledge and teaching style in the
U.S. and around the world.
He is well thought of in the professional pool world and
has helped many of the best players achieve new success!
Lee comes from a snooker background, he has a great coaching style.
He also has a book by the same title, which is receiving
great reviews. This DVD expands on the book and will
help any player achieve a more consistent game.


 Feb. 2013

"A Lesson with John Brumback"

with John Brumback and Jim Griffith


This is the second DVD with John and is a must have if you want
 to learn to play the game of bank pool.

******* Now Available *******

Jan. 2018

"Three Days with Little Joe"


 Little Joe Villalpando and Bill Hughes

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This is the third is the Pool I.Q. series and expands
Little Joe's Instruction on Cue Ball Control.

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